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Swimmer Lynne Cox On How She Recovered From Broken Heart Syndrome. Lynne Cox is a world-class open water swimmer, and was the first person to swim [...]

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ESPN Magazine Feature

Hell in High Waters: Profile of Lynne’s athleticism, diplomatic efforts, and pioneering spirit. Hotlink included in timeline. Read More

Sep 2011

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Apr 2008

The New Yorker Covers Lynne

A Dip in the Cold: Lynne describes her swims the Northwest Passage in the wake of polar explorer Roald Amundsen. Read More

May 2007

Lynne’s Coldest Swims Arctic Waters

Lynne completed four swims in the Arctic paying tribute to the great polar explorer Roald Amundsen, who was the first to traverse the Northwest Passage by [...]

Aug 2006

Jun 2006

Promoting Environmental Cause: Ohio River

Highlighting her concerns for the environment: Lynne was invited by the Sierra Club and Rivers Unlimited to advocate for maintaining high standards for water quality. Joined [...]

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Dec 2003

Biography Magazine Profile

Lynne appears in a feature article in the December 2003 edition of Biography Magazine. An article by Greg Dutter - Taking the Plunge - Antarctic Swimmer [...]

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The New Yorker Magazine

Swimming with the Penguins: Written by Lynne, this story describes her experiences to Antarctica wearing a swimsuit, cap, and goggles. Read More

Dec 2002

Swim to Antarctica

In one of her most noted accomplishments, Lynne was the first person to complete a 1.2 mile swim in Antarctica, from [...]

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Aquatic Ambassador

Lynne swam across the Spree River during the period of reunification of the German Republics. She was escorted by East German police to help her avoid [...]

Mar 1990

Distinguished Alumni Award – UCSB

Distinguished Alumni Award – University of California Santa Barbara – Lynne received an award for athletic and international achievements.

Jan 1990

First to Swim Beagle Channel

Lynne swam across the Beagle Channel between Argentina and Chile to promote cooperation between the two countries. She became the first person in the world to [...]

Aug 1988

Aug 1987

Lynne Swims Bering Strait

After years of seeking permission, preparation, and planning, Lynne achieves a diplomatic first swimming across the Bering Strait [...]

People Magazine Cook Strait Swim Story

Lynne Cox's Brave Swim Across the Frigid Bering Strait Breaks the Ice with the Russians: Article about Lynne’s Bering Strait Swim by Jack Kelly. Read More [...]

May 1987

Featured in People Magazine

Swimmer Lynne Cox Braces for An Ice Water Ordeal, a Dire Crossing in the Bering Strait: Lynne trains for her Bering Strait attempt. Read More [...]

Aug 1985

Swims Around the World

Continuing her effort to garner support for the Bering Strait swim Lynne completed a series of challenging swims around the world including [...]

Jun 1984

Swims Across America

Seeking support for her future Bering Strait swim, Lynne completed ten swims in the highest, coldest, and most difficult waterways in the United [...]

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World Record Swimming the Skagerrak

Lynne swam the Skagerak between Norway to Sweden. Despite encountering a huge smack of jellyfish, she set a men’s and women’s record in a [...]

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Apr 1974

Lynne Swims Nile River

Lynne was invited to compete in an international swimming race in the Nile River by the Egyptian government. The water was extremely polluted and [...]

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Youngest to Swim Catalina Channel

At age 14 Lynne swam across the Catalina Channel with a group of teenagers from Seal Beach, California. They swam a distance of 27 miles [...]