Lynne’s speaking is inspired by her accomplishments as a world-class athlete, author, advocate, and environmentalist – spanning more than 35 years of challenge and success. Her athletic achievements have shaped the sport of open-water swimming. Her swims have brought nations together, advocated to solve environmental problems, and supported vital causes

Lynne immerses her audiences into her stories, inspiring them to pursue amazing goals. She builds connections between her athletic achievements and success in life – from business to personal growth to the vital human need for love, friendship, and support. Lynne draws on her experience – as an athlete swimming channels to how she has served as a test subject to understand her unique capacity to survive in deadly-cold water and contributing to medical science.

Above all, Lynne inspires audiences to realize that the human heart is strong, resilient, and enduring.

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Speaking Topic


The power of the heart gives us life, love, and strength and brings us together.
Lynne talks about how her heart gave her the capacity to swim channels and overcome extraordinary obstacles. She builds the bridge to the experience we all have in pursuing our lives, our community, and our success.

Speaking Topic


We are faced with an ever-changing and increasingly inter-connected world. One great achievement can bring about positive change while impacting so much else.
Lynne describes how her athletic achievements brought about amazing changes. Countries have been brought together, treaties signed, environmental causes promoted, and athletes championed.

Success requires bringing together not only your team but working with new friends and partners. Lynne challenges audiences to think about how to broaden their world and communities to achieve great things.

Speaking Topic


Making a difference over a long period of time requires perseverance, adaptation, creativity, and a sense of humor.

Lynne’s career as an athlete, author, and speaker has spanned over 35 years – the period of 8 Olympic Games. She speaks to how she set goals, achieved things thought to be impossible, and makes a difference in the world.

She shares lessons learned over the course of her career and how business and people in their own lives benefit from thinking about how to make thrive and make contributions to the world over the long term.

Speaking Topic


The breadth and depth of Lynne’s life spans her experience as an athlete, author, scientific test subject, and ambassador for sport.

Lynne can shape a talk for audiences of all types – from executives to athletes, from medical professionals to students – to share her story to inspire and motivate. Her speaking style is entertaining and engaging.