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Grayson tells the story of a miraculous ocean encounter.  Swimming outside the wave break training for a big swim Lynne became aware that something was swimming with her. It was a baby gray whale who had lost his mother. If Lynne didn’t find the mother whale, the baby would suffer from dehydration and starve to death.

Something so enormous—the mother whale was fifty feet long—suddenly seemed very small in the vast Pacific Ocean. How could Lynne possibly find her?

Grayson has been translated into 22 languages and sold over 100,000 copies as a New York Times best seller.

Published 2006
Released in paperback 2008

Lynne Cox is a master of storytelling: her prose captures the vast moments and deep mysteries of the ocean and the creatures for who it is home. Everyone who reads Grayson will be enchanted and profoundly moved. Grayson is a powerful voice for conservation.
Jane Goodall, PhD

The combination of retelling her once-in-a-lifetime experience with her observations on life…will have timeless appeal for all ages.
Publishers Weekly

Grayson is a celebration of the natural world in all its glory, and the deep and lasting effect it can have on us humans if only we pause to notice.

John Grogan – Author of “Marley and Me”