The Story of #swimforamerica

Beginning on November 4, 2020 – the day after the U.S. election – we have been celebrating #swimforamerica on the 4th day of each month. We are celebrating the union of red and blue wearing something purple and swimming everywhere.

Please join us! Have fun! Swim in the sea, a pond, a pool, tarn, quay, spring, bay, anywhere and post a picture of you and your friends in the water with your story.

If you’re not a swimmer, put on something purple and walk, jog, run, cycle, golf, play tennis, dance, work, bake, create – do something that moves you. It’s all about rejoicing in the New Year and showing that we are together, united.

Join us on January 4, 2022 (Happy New Year!) and the 4th of every month. I will be swimming in Alamitos Bay no matter how warm or cold the water is…swimming with you! Can’t wait!