In Open Water Swimming Manual, Lynne focuses her decades-long experience and expertise into a definitive guide to swimming.

Cox addresses what is needed to succeed at and enjoy open water swimming, including choosing the right bathing suit and sunscreen, surviving in dangerous weather conditions, currents, and waves, being stung or bitten and so much more. U.S. Navy SEALS provided Lynne with training, information, and support to guide her research.

Open Water Swimming Manual provides a wealth of knowledge for all swimmers, from seasoned triathletes and expert swimmers to beginners exploring open water swimming for the first time.

Published 2013

[Cox] has channeled her vast expertise on the dangers, joys and logistics of open water swimming into a new book aimed at the exploding ranks of triathletes and other swimmers who are escaping the safe confines of pools.
New York Times

[A] most unlikely page-turner you could put on your summer reading list. She’s written a sort of fantasy in which you, the reader, are the protagonist. You can’t swim half a mile? Cox will put you on a program to swim 10! . . . Cox’s Open Water Swimming Manual could do for long-distance swimming what Jim Fixx’s The Complete Book of Running did for the American jogging movement in 1977.
Sports Illustrated

No one knows more about swimming’s beauty and skill than this great champion, or could describe it with such clarity and grace.
Christopher McDougall – author of Born to Run