Roald Amundsen, “the last of the Vikings,” left his mark on the Heroic Era as one of the most successful polar explorers ever. Lynne gives us in South with the Sun a full-scale account of the explorer’s life and expeditions.

We see Amundsen, the first to travel the Northwest Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, making his way the length of the treacherous ice-bound route in his small ship Gjøa.

Cox describes how Amundsen succeeded in his quests where other adventurer-explorers failed. Cox then honors the explorers by swimming segments of the Amundsen’s journey, describing her experience as a modern-day explorer.

Published 2011
Released in paperback 2012

This book is as autobiographical as it is biographical . . . a book that juxtaposes two adventurers, one with her own challenges still unfolding and the other with his position fixed in history . . . a book worthy of the centenary celebration of Amundsen’s trek to the South Pole.
San Francisco Chronicle

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it must be like to be able to push the limits of human endurance in this arena, it will surely be an invaluable account.
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

‘Victory awaits him who has everything in order’. Lynne Cox captures the spirit of these words by legendary polar explorer Roald Amundsen. South with the Sun is an evocation of triumph of the human spirit, that will inspire many generations to come.
Robert Duvall