April 2017

Patagonia presents Fishpeople featuring Lynne Cox and directed by Keith Malloy

FISHPEOPLE, a new documentary produced by Patagonia and directed by Keith Malloy, tells the stories of Lynne Cox and 5 other unique individuals whose lives have been transformed by the sea. The film focuses on Lynne’s amazing achievements, including her swim across the Bering Strait – she takes on challenges that push the limits of human endurance while bridging international borders and bringing people together.

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December 1992

Breathtaking Swim Across Lake Titicaca

Swimming from Bolivia to Peru, Lynne became the first to swim across Lake Titicaca. She had support from the Bolivian Navy and a welcoming committee from Peru and the National Swim Team of Bolivia. Her swim enhanced relations between the two nations.

August 1988

First to Cross Lake Baikal

Lynne continued her collaboration with a joint US-Soviet team to become the first person to swim across Lake Baikal. In recognition of her accomplishment, the Soviets named a cape on Lake Baikal in her honor – Cape Lynne Cox.

August 1987

August 1985

Swims Around the World

Continuing her effort to garner support for the Bering Strait swim Lynne completed a series of challenging swims around the world including waters in the US, Iceland, the Strait of Gibraltar – becoming the first person to swim from Morocco to Spain, Strait of Messina, around Delos Island in Greece, the Bosphorus, Lake Kuming in China, the 5 lakes of Mount Fuji, Glacier Bay, and finishing at the Golden Gate.

January 1983

December 1977

July 1977

December 1976

Another First The Strait of Magellan

Achieving a new milestone, Lynne became the first person to swim across the Strait of Magellan. She swam in 42-degree F (5.5 degrees C) water, through a storm with a 9-knot cross current, in 1 hour 2 minutes.

August 1976

World Record Swimming the Skagerrak

Lynne swam the Skagerak between Norway to Sweden. Despite encountering a huge smack of jellyfish, she set a men’s and women’s record in a time of 6 hours and 16 minutes.

February 1975

September 1974

August 1973

July 1972

August 1971

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